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What is Aromatheraphy?

Updated: Jan 18

Picture of a lady advertising a virtual blether about Aromatheraphy
Virtual Blether about Aromatheraphy

We had a chat with the lovely Trish on The Chatty Mag about Aromatheraphy.

She explains to us what it is:

All plants, trees,shrubs, flowers, have an aromatic fluid in them known as essential oils. These oils can be used to enhance your wellbeing in several different ways.  


Probably the most effective way is to combine the oils with a massage. It can have a double effect whereby the massage and the oils together both relax your muscles and  triggers healing responses in the body.


You can also put several drops of your favourite oil in your bath, use a diffuser to disperse them in your home are just a few ways to use essential oils.


A word of caution though. Some of these oils are potent and whilst they are natural and on the whole fairly safe, certain oils can have adverse effects on some illnesses.

Read more about it on the The Chatty Mag!

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