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Tinfoil Tips at need ideas!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

What can you use tinfoil for? It does have has many uses, cooking, sharpening etc.

Line your shoes with it to keep your feet warm as it creates a thermal barrier from the cold!

Use it to sharpen your scissors by cutting a folded sheet of foil with them!

Make makeshift cookies for baking and doing pancakes and fried eggs!

Put pieces of foil under legs of heavy furniture dull side down to move it easily!

For baking make the foil into a cone shape for piping cream etc on to a cake!

Line your painting trays with foil so it is easy to clean!

Cover your door handles with it so you don't get paint on them!

Placing a piece of foil under your ironing board cover to get creases out more easily!

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